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Site's Policy

The site and / or the store - the operator of the system, a virtual store for purchasing and ordering books and tassels.
User - any person and / or entity who surfs the site and / or uses it in any way.
Customer - a user who places an order for a service on the website.


  1. The site is an innovative and modern system that operates a virtual store that facilitates the ordering process of the products sold on the site, while maintaining complete security of the ordering process and the privacy of the surfers.

  2. Use of the system is subject to the terms of use which will be detailed below. The terms of use are intended to ensure proper use of the services provided by the store to its customers, and to ensure proper use of the Internet towards surfers and in general, and while paying attention to the requirements of the system environment, which the site offers.

  3. Please read these terms carefully, as using the system or making reservations on the site indicates your agreement to them.

  4. These terms of use are worded in masculine for convenience only, but they apply to both women and men.

  5. The recipient of the service is aware that in the context of some of the services provided by the provider, the provision of personal information is required: such as name, address, ways of contact, address

  6. E-mail and credit card details. The data provided will be stored in the supplier's database, for 30 days only.

Payment Policy:

  1. The site has the right to make price changes for all the services provided on the site at any time.

  2. The ordering process on the website is as follows:

  • When you enter the site and after selecting the product and adding it to the shopping cart, you will be given the option to place an order for billing using the secure paypal system.

  • Upon placing the order, you will receive confirmation of its receipt in the system by return email.


  1. The services on the site include support, via e-mail. However, there may be faults that are not in the control of the store, such as the method of delivery and the form of delivery and the site will make every effort to ensure that the service provided by the delivery service is at a proper level.

Changes in terms of use:

  1. The Supplier may change the Terms of Use from time to time without giving prior notice. The supplier will publish the new terms and conditions and their effective date will be the date of publication.

  2. Only the laws and laws of the State of Israel shall apply to this agreement.

  3. The reading of the regulations and the approval of their reading by the user constitute the user's consent to everything stated in it and obligate him for everything and anything.

  4. The addresses of the parties are as stated in the introduction to the agreement. Any notice sent by registered mail and / or e-mail to the other party according to his aforesaid address will be deemed to have been received by the recipient three days after delivery to the office by post and if delivered by hand - at the time of delivery or by e-mail - after confirmation of sending notice.

Product Return Policy:

  1. It is possible to cancel the purchase of a product 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, the cancellation will only be made by notice sent in writing and / or by fax and / or by e-mail directly to the store.

  2. It is agreed that the customer will return the property in its original packaging, intact and without damage and / or damage and / or defect of any kind.

  3. It is agreed between the parties that the customer will be charged in full for delivery fees even if he has not yet received the property, if the property that is the subject of the transaction has already been shipped.

Product supply:

  1. The store will take care of the delivery of the product or service purchased on the website, to the address as typed on the registration page, within up to 14 business days for delivery in Israel.

  2. The store and / or suppliers will act to provide the product and / or service in accordance with the delivery terms specified on the sales page, subject to full payment by credit card.

  3. The store will not be responsible for delays in delivering the product in the following cases:

  • Supreme power and without prejudice to the generality of the above, war, hostilities, emergencies and natural disasters.

  • Strike at suppliers of services or goods needed to manufacture and / or transport the products.

  • Any reason beyond the control of the Company.

Customer Service
For any questions or inquiries regarding the products displayed on the website, please contact the "World Karaite Judaism" Association:
Phone 08-9249104
Fax- 08-9221598
Please indicate telephone number when contacting

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