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Sefer Geffen Haderet is one of the books of Rabbi Shlomo ben Afida HaCohen. The book summarizes the book Aderet Eliyahu, by Rabbi Eliyahu in Sheitzi, with the addition of the sum of the chapters summed up by the author from the Garden of Eden of Rabbi Aharon II.

This book is used as a textbook, for beginners. The book is divided into several chapters, among them still the sanctification of the month, Shabbat, the matter of Passover, the matter of Matzah, the matter of Shavuot, the matter of shouting, the matter of Yom Kippur, the matter of Sukkot, the shadow, the slaughter, the matter of impurity and purity The word, the matter of mourning, the laws of inheritance, shemita and jubilee, the matter of hybrids, the matter of the oath and other laws of Torah law.

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SKU: 16
  • Design | Hardcover 229 pages
    Dimensions | 245x17x170 Weight | 250 g
    Year of publication 1987
    Publisher World Karaite Judaism
    Language | Abrit

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