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The Maayan Chaim education book is a textbook that explains the commandments of the Torah, and contains religious information about our community, its life and customs, the tenets of its faith, and also reviews the existing differences between Karaite Judaism and rabbinic Judaism.

The book is written in simple and understandable Hebrew and in a concise and concise manner so that it is also suitable for boys and children who are interested in expanding and deepening their knowledge of religion.
This book is based on the two books of mitzvos: "Aderet Eliyahu" by Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Moshe in the Shiites, and "Paradise" by Rabbi Aharon Ben Eliyahu Nicomedio, author of the books Keter Torah and Etz Chaim.
The book is intended to be a textbook, so at the end of each topic, concluding questions are presented that allow the reader to examine whether he understood what he read.

Mahian Haim (A fountain of life)

SKU: 4
  • Design | Hardcover 303 pages
    Dimensions | 245x20x170 Weight | 350 g
    Year of publication 1982
    Publisher World Karaite Judaism
    Language | Abrit

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