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The commentary book "Yeriot Shlomo" was written in 1860 in Constantinople (Istanbul) by Rabbi Shlomo ben Afida HaCohen, and was written in simple language that is also understood by readers who do not have a comprehensive knowledge of religion. The book is divided into two parts:
The first part consists of 20 sheets (chapters) that deal with explaining a person's duties throughout the year: on weekdays, Saturdays and holidays, as well as at events of joy and mourning.
The second part consists of 20 sheets that deal with the explanation of the foundations of the Jewish religion and the principles of faith and the corners of the Torah, and the explanation of the ten principles of faith.
The book was republished in 1986, edited by Rabbi Chaim ben Yitzchak Halevi and Rabbi Yosef ben Ovadia Algmil.

Sefer HaMitzvot Yeriot Shlomo

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  • Design | Hardcover 217 pages
    Dimensions | 245x18x175 Weight | 250 g
    Year of publication 1986
    Publisher World Karaite Judaism
    Language | Abrit

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