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Reprint of the book "Tree of Life" by the sage Aaron Ben Eliyahu. This book is a philosophy book which is based on the principles of the prison. This book includes 114 chapters that discuss essential philosophical questions such as the doctrine of the existence of God, materiality and the creation of the world, a discussion of the issue of God's personification, a discussion of God's unity, a discussion of supreme providence.
The book also includes the letter "Through the Tree of Life" by the sage Dog Afondopolo, as well as keys, additions and scientific introductions in German by Prof. Franz Delitch.

About the Author:

The sage Aharon ben Eliyahu, known as the last Aharon, was born in the fifth year of the creation of the world (1328) in Constantinople and is considered one of the most prominent Karaite theologians of his time. Among his famous books: Sefer Bior HaMitzvot "Gan Eden" and the commentary on the Torah "Keter Torah"

Tree of Life

SKU: 21
  • Design | Hardcover 400 pages
    Dimensions | 245x32x170 Weight | 750 g
    Year of publication 2013
    Publisher World Karaite Judaism
    Language | Abrit

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