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An abridged book of blessings, which includes a file of prayers, blessings and abridged hymns, including transcripts and translations into English. Includes greetings for weekdays, greetings for Saturday, greetings for everyday and greetings for special events. The book includes a disc for learning blessings from Cantor Rotem Cohen.

Next to each greeting in Hebrew there are passages written in transcription in English letters, so that even those who do not yet know how to read Hebrew well can greet and use this book. In addition to each passage, his English translation was written.

Book of Greetings in English

SKU: 19
  • Design | Hardcover 92 pages
    Dimensions | 215x13x150 Weight | 350 g
    Year of publication 2014
    Publisher World Karaite Judaism
    Language | Hebrew English

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