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Shmuel ben Shmarya Pigit, a member of the Karaite Jewish community, was a cantor and scholar who showed great interest in folk tales. In 1907 he published a book called "Davar Devor" (published by The Siren in Warsaw) with "27 stories from ancient stories told orally among the ancient peoples in the lands of Turkey and the Crimea ."
Some of the stories were drawn from written sources and some were transcribed by the author as he heard them from storytellers. He formulated them all in fluent and rich biblical language. The book was reprinted in Israel by the association in 1977 .

A bee thing

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  • Design | Hardcover 254 pages
    Dimensions | 170x15x125 Weight | 120 g
    Year of publication 1977
    Publisher World Karaite Judaism
    Language | Abrit

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